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Conflict Resolution

Successful projects begin with smooth collaboration. But conflicts threaten this. Tech Mediation helps resolve them so everyone is pulling in the same direction.

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Cooperational Excellence

3 signs that it might be time for strategic conflict resolution

Strong positions

When conflicts recur between the same parties or persist despite numerous attempts to resolve them, a mediator can help to bring movement into the stalemate and find sustainable solutions.

Reduced performance

When unresolved tensions reduce work productivity, a once positive atmosphere deteriorates and discussions increasingly revolve around how to communicate, a mediator can help restore productivity.

Emotion over objectivity

Strong emotions such as anger or frustration hinder constructive dialogue and cause discussions to lose objectivity. Mediation can help to remove these emotional blockages and bring the discussion back to a solution-oriented level.


Why Tech Mediation

Tested, proven -
and digital

Tech Mediation helps companies work together better than ever before through a digital approach designed for the modern workplace. 

All services are designed to run in parallel with day-to-day business, regardless of location.

The woman behind Tech Mediation

Stefanie Krauss

Stefanie Krauss is an expert in strategic conflict resolution and team development. She has a degree in Business Psychology and Change Management (M.Sc.), is a certified Mediator, Systemic Consultant (DGSF) with many years of experience in the IT industry.

She is the owner of Tech Mediation, a company that helps organisations master internal collaboration.


Tech Mediation

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